The Importance Of Email

The Importance Of Email

If you’re in business you’re writing and responding to emails. Despite all of today’s other communication mediums, email remains the king of business communication. There’s a certain comfort that comes with an email, somewhat of an on the record feel to it, and business likes that accountability.

This is why it’s critical when sending an email one takes the time to review and modify prior to sending. If able peer review can be beneficial as well.

When writing an email this is the process that I use to best articulate myself.

  • Write down your key points (cost, issues, action items, proposals)
  • Speak to your audience (technical person, non-technical, fastidious)
  • Brevity (the longer your email is, the easier tone can be misinterpreted)
  • Read the email as if you’re the receiver
  • Try to avoid wordiness and redundancies

Another key thing is to always follow up. You don’t have to get to an email right at the moment you receive, but it’s important to flag it and follow up on it. Not responding to an email is the cardinal sin of business.

When keeping these items in mind one should be able to write business suited emails. Also, try to look out for grammar, this is probably what I’m the worst at.

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