Infor VISUAL Server Issue After Physical to Virtual Migration

Infor VISUAL Server Issue After Physical to Virtual Migration

Today I came across a ticket where after a physical to virtual migration of an Infor VISUAL server. The problem occurred every time a user would attempt to email an invoice from the Invoice Entry form.

The error message was pretty ambiguous, except for the Exception

I checked Event Viewer, that’s usually always my next step, nothing in there that stands out to me, so I keep digging.

Apparently there’s something going on with writing to a file, at first the .cpp threw me on a wild-goose chase, re-installing Visual Studio thinking perhaps it was some type of dependency. Tested from a user’s workstation and still receiving, another symptom of this bug; it would attach an invoice to an email but not the correct one, rather an older one to the same customer.

Time to break out the tools and dig in, I download trusty old Procmon <3, I immediately disable capture to stop the firehose of information. I need to create my filter, I open up the Invoice Entry form and look in Task Manager, notice that this particular form is a different exe file, VFARIENT.EXE to be precise. I setup my filters and start capturing.

Go through the rigamarole of emailing an invoice, see the error message. Go back to Procmon and lo and behold, we have ourselves a permissions issue when trying to access a particular file.

Luckily, the old physical server was still up, with a different hostname on the network. If possible, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, keep the source of any migration alive and on the network away from users, to compare things when issues arise. On the old box I navigate to the folder and look at the permissions, I notice there’s one NTFS entry that’s missing on the virtualized version. I added that permission, went back to the user’s workstation.

Do a few more test Invoices and everything is working fine, no more error messages.

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